Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cheer Pictures :)

Today we had Cheer Pictures, which is when we get an individual photo, and a team photo taken for the yearbook. Also cheerleaders can individually decide if they want buddy pictures with a close friend on the squad. Naturally, I chose my best friends in the whole entire world! Taylor and Maddy <3 But we don't get those for a couple weeks and I wanted some cute pics that I could share with the Social Networking world immedietly. So Maddy and I brought our cameras and we had a little fun once the professional people were done shooting.

Taylor and I :)
Taylor and I showing attitude by the rails, we're pretty adorable. It totally describes our friendship though. She's crazy and fun, while I'm simple and smiley. But together we make a Best Friend couple that no one can beat. We've been together since 3rd grade. As of senior year, it will have been 10 years of being best friends. That doesn't even seem possible! I mean, that's only a couple years less than I've known my sister, and we're related! But, Taylor practically is family <3

We had fun posing in all sorts of places, like by the railing...

Two blondes and a brunette!
 And on the stairs...

Camp Dance Group :)
 Taylor, Maddy, and I are all in the same group for the camp dance so we figured, "hey that might be a cute picture!" Maddy and Taylor got their little sassy faces on ;)

Then we got sime individual ones of eachother. Like me next to this tree. I make that tree work though, right? ;)
 And the rock poses are pretty cute :)
 Serenity, Destiny and I all by some plants and stuff. Photo credit to Maddy for being an awesome photographer! That Photo Arts 2 Class seemed to come in handy.
 Oh the original Freshmen 4... Taylor, Serenity, Maddy, and I were the only girls who are left from Freshmen year. Granted there was only one other person and the reason she dropped was cause she was taking so many AP classes, however next year she'll join again. But as for continually being with the program year and year again, us 4 take the cake... or pom pom, whatever :)

 Taylor Maddy and I kinda stole the idea from Charlie's Angels. We worked it out though!

Then there's Maddy and I. We've been best friends for 5 years, can you believe that? It wall all coincidental too. Who'd of thought I'd make so many life long friends when I was in elementary school and middle school. Goes to show you what real friends are like :)

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